Guy Scott Is Right – MMD West

Guy Scott Is Right – MMD West

Western Province Movement for Multi-Party Democracy (MMD) Provincial Chairman Patrick Mununga Jamba has said remarks by former Republican President Dr. Guy Scott that the Patriotic Front (PF) is slipping away from the original “true-green” original owners and large chunks of cabinet positions handed over to the Rupiah Banda-led former MMD members have vindicated Nalikwanda Member of Parliament Professor Geoffrey Lungwangwa.

Patriotic Front (PF) Secretary General Davies Chama Chama and PF vuvuzela Sunday Chanda recently bamboozled Professor Lungwangwa for saying the PF had been swallowed by the Rupiah Banda MMD faction.

Mr. Jamba has now thrown a challenge to the two to comment on the statement by former Vice-President Guy Scott in which he has charged that these unfair appointments have led to the resignation of PF Matero Member of Parliament as Deputy Minister.

Mr. Jamba has said the emerging picture of insults, panic, fear and deep divisions in the Patriotic Front are a prelude to the total collapse and disintegration of the PF Government because its lies, deception, plunder of national resources, destruction of the opposition created a very weak foundation which cannot hold a strong and solid government.

He said the panic in the government is being shown by insults coming from the very top where it has been confirmed that things are not going well in the country.

Mr. Jamba has said the lies, deception and glaring incompence of the Patriotic Front Government have finally caught up with them and they should start preparing for a very rapid disintegration of the party and entire Government.
He said this is a bitter lesson to the treachery of former President Rupiah Banda, against the MMD which took him from the village to State House, who has now become the de-facto Republican president when he had lost elections in 2011. He is the chief architect of the confusion now raging in the PF.

He challenged Mr. Chama and the entire PF who have already started campaigning, that hiding behind a non-existent pact with MMD which is being paraded all around the country especially in Northern Province shall not save them, but instead should face the rising disgruntled voices of PF members who want answers as to why they are being overlooked in the awarding of key government positions.