GRZ Suspends Inauguration Of President Edgar Lungu

GRZ Suspends Inauguration Of President Edgar Lungu.

Today, a check by Zed Corner Journalists at the National Heroes Stadium discovered workers downing their tools claiming that the urgency for the inaugural preparations was removed, as the event would not take place on Tuesday 23rd August 2016.

After further investigations, it was discovered that SECRETARY to Cabinet Dr. Rowland Msiska has suspended plans to host an inauguration ceremony for President Edgar Lungu scheduled for Tuesday 23rd August 2016 due to constitutional implications after the UPND filed in an urgent application last Friday which stated that President Edgar Lungu falsely won the 2016 Presidential Elections.

However, Dr. Roland Msiska has informed the nation that President Edgar Lungu remains Republican President and Commander of the Armed Forces despite the challenge of his re-election through an election petition.

In a statement issued in Lusaka today, Dr Msiska says the postponement also includes the inauguration of vice president Elect Ms Inonge Wina.