GRZ Assassinates Airtel ICT Expert Chilomba Chitiya

GRZ Assassinates Airtel ICT Expert Chilomba Chitiya.

AN information and communications technology expert at Airtel Zambia was on Saturday morning found dead hours after telling his workmates that some government agents were after his life.

Chilomba Chitiya, who was found dead in Chilenje’s Chris Corner area, had before his death confided in his workmates in a WhatsApp group that “they are watching us, the government is killing us”.

At 00:11am on Saturday, Chitiya posted: “They are watching us.”
And at 00:12am, he posted another, “The government is killing us.”

But there was no response from any of his group members.

He later posted again at 00:27am: “Movie they want to kill me. They want to kill me. Government…”, before posting the last message at 00:28am saying, “Guys help, please.”

Chitiya’s workmates and friends turned to Facebook soon after news of his murder filtered in, with some demanding justice over his death.

Kay Mukubesa said: “Chilomba Chitiya…a few hours earlier we were chatting and [as] usual making us all smile. Hours later, you are gone!!!!!! 2016 indeed I have lost some of my best…It’s hard to comprehend and indeed may justice visit whoever has had a hand in your death!” while Mwaba Mutale posted: “I am just getting word that my mate, close friend and brother from another mother in Lusaka has been murdered in Lusaka…Oh no Chilomba Chitiya. Why?”

Police spokesperson Mwata Katongo was by press time without details of the murder but promised to issue a statement later.

 Chilomba Chitiya last post on whatsapp group before he died.
Chilomba Chitiya last post on whatsapp group before he died.