Go Urinate In Kariba Dam Statement Angers People

Go Urinate In Kariba Dam Statement Angers People.

PF Secretary general Davies Chama in a statement recently said opposition political leaders who are making too much noise about electricity load shedding should go and urinate in the Kariba Dam and see if they will be able to fill it up.

Speaking on Roots FM Radio’s Boiling Point programme, Chama also said devil worshippers had closed up the heavens, causing drought in the country.

However, these statements made many Zambians question just what caliber of intellectuality our leaders have.

“Why would Davies Chama make such an ignorant statement especially on a Radio programme that has thousands of listeners? Those ignorant statements should be made in his pit latrine at his compound where no one can listen to his rotten mouth. President Lungu should see to it that he is cautioned.

As leaders of a country, we expect people in power like Davies Chama to seek alternatives to various problems facing the country. Just because Zambia is having a drought doesn’t mean we should only wait for rains to solve our current electricity problem. There are plenty of other ways electricity can be produced other than relying on Hydro electricity generation.

Copperbelt Energy Corporation (CEC) for example has started an initiative to use Biomass as a source of electricity generation, which is how a country should act in order to solve different problems. There are always alternatives and different solutions to handling any problems. We as a nation shouldn’t just sit and say its global, therefore its ok for us to suffer with the rest of the region. Davies Chama should be cautioned and warned over such ignorant statements in public by the President,” said Tiza, an Electrical Engineering student at CBU.