Given Lubinda Calls HH Evil

Given Lubinda Calls HH Evil

MINISTER of Agriculture Given Lubinda says next month’s general elections will be a contest between President Lungu, who fears God, and some people who have publicly endorsed violence and profess Armageddon.

Mr Lubinda said it is an election about darkness and light.

He urged Zambians not to make a mistake but side with the light and reject forces of darkness.

He was speaking on Power FM radio in Lusaka yesterday.

Mr Lubinda appealed to Zambian youths to vote for President Lungu and the PF on August 11 because he has demonstrated ability to build the nation under unity and love.

He warned the youth that they are better off with a president who believes in the light of God compared to leaders who call on dark forces or Armageddon.

“ My appeal to the youth is that they must get out of wonderland or fantasy and choose President Lungu, who is doing things already rather than dreamers.

“ There is no time for playing ‘ Alice in Wonderland’ like my Bemba friends taught me, ” Mr Lubinda said.

Mr Lubinda, who is PF Kabwata parliamentary candidate, said the universities mushrooming around the country, new schools and hospitals being built on a daily basis are a clear sign to the youth to vote for President Lungu who walks the walk and talks the talk.

He said it is important for the PF to win the youth vote because they make up a huge number of the 6.1 million voters, the highest next only to LUBINDA women.