“Give Us Loyal And Dedicated Members Of Parliament” – BRE Tells Nevers

“Give Us Loyal And Dedicated Members Of Parliament” – BRE Tells Nevers

The Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) has called upon MMD President Dr. Nevers Mumba to give the Western Province hardworking and dedicated Members of Parliament who are loyal to the people  and able to cooperate with the BRE to help bring genuine development and progress to the Province.

Speaking when Dr. Mumba paid a courtesy call on the Litunga at Limulunga, the BRE Kuta led by Induna Mukulwakashiko accused the current MMD MPs of having destroyed the MMD  when they decided to abandon their own party and instead campaigned for the UPND and PF in the 2015 presidential elections.

Induna Mukulwakashiko was however quick to point out that the BRE was non-partisan  and  went on to accuse all Western Province Members of Parliament  of having neglected the people and being uncooperative with the BRE.  He said over the years the BRE had  enjoyed  very cordial cooperation with the MMD but lamented that the BRE has been very saddened to see  the MMD  being swallowed by other parties.  He said the MMD should not be allowed to go into oblivion as it is the  party that brought democracy to Zambia.  He further said that the current crop of MMD  Members of Parliament  have no regard for the people they represent  nor the BRE.

In response and on a light note,  Dr. Mumba assured the BRE that the MMD could not be swallowed by any party as it was too big and that if any party  attempted to do so, it would choke to death  because they would be attempting to swallow an elephant, a comment which drew  chuckles from  the Litunga and  the Indunas.  He further assured the BRE that the MMD is rapidly regaining its strength as a result of the on-going  countrywide mobilization tours that the party has been undertaking.

Dr.  Mumba has recently been quoted in the media as saying the party has already embarked  on an exercise to identify aspiring Members of Parliament for each of the 156 constituencies  and that  the overriding qualification criteria for adoption would be loyalty to the leadership of the MMD and a track record of hard work and dedication to the people they aspire  to lead.

He indicated that all structures countrywide  had been directed to engage in vigorous door-to-door campaigns to adequately prepare for the August 2016 General Elections and that the party was getting ready to  unveil a completely new line up of leadership including some old and new members particularly the youth and women.

Earlier in Kaoma, Dr. Mumba echoed a similar message to the structures and directed party officials in the province to immediately begin door to door campaigns ahead of this year’s election and begin to shortlist possible parliamentary and local government candidates for the 11th August 2016 General Elections for adoption  on the party ticket.

The MMD prides itself as the only party whose  true strength lies in the party structures and it is from the landslide vote of the structures that Nevers Mumba emerged MMD President in the 2012 Party Convention after the loss of the MMD to the Patriotic Front in the 2011 General Election.