George Mpombo’s Son Brutally Murders Girlfriend- Chops Off Her Hea

George Mpombo’s Son Brutally Murders Girlfriend- Chops Off Her Head

One of Zambia’s Senior Most Men, George Mpombo’s son has barbarically murdered his 17-year-old lover by gunning her down then chopping off her head only to dispose it in a nearby bush.

Meanwhile George Mpombo who is the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) President has described the situation as sad and unfortunate.

However, Mpombo’s son whose name is being withheld has allegedly confessed and agreed to having had shot his 17 year old girlfriend using his father’s pistol after she told him she had fallen pregnant. The deceased has been confirmed to be Ruth Phiri of Ndola’s Pamodzi township of Ndola.

Police spokesperson Charity Munganga-chanda said Mpombo’s son cut off Ms Phiri’s head then wrapped it in a bag and later buried it in a nearby bush near Mulungushi bus station.

She said Mpombo’s son gave the police directions and location of the where about of the headless body and head, which were buried, in separate places.

“We have recovered a headless body of a 17 year old girl of Pamodzi Township. The deceased is believed to have been impregnated by Mpombo’s son. She approached him to inform him of the predicament, but he got furious and dashed for his father’s (Mr Mpombo) pistol from the house and non-hesitantly shot her. After shooting her, he proceeded to cutting off her head, as she lay on the ground lifeless. He then stashed the bleeding head in a plastic bag before dumping it in a nearby bush, while he buried the body in Chiwala area in Masaiti,” Mrs Munganga said.

Mr Mpombo is scheduled to make an appearance at the Ndola Central Police over the pistol his son allegedly used to end his girlfriends life.