Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba is no longer part of the Patriotic Front.

Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba

Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba says he does not care even if he is no longer part of the Patriotic Front.

In an interview shortly before the PF disciplinary committee led by Tutwa Ngulube expelled him from the party,Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba the Kasama Central member of parliament who supported the UPND in the January presidential election, said he was ready for anything.

Mwamba was on Wednesday summoned by the committee to appear before it to answer to various charges and threatened to proceed in his absence should he fail to appear.

But Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba said he did not receive any letter from the PF’s disciplinary committee demanding his appearance.

“I didn’t receive any letter from the central committee’s disciplinary committee. If I received it, I was going to appear before him (Ngulube),” he said. “In simple terms, I don’t care if they wish to expel me. I am ready for a by-election. If they expel me, who am I to say no? That is the decision they have made, and I will have no choice but to defend my seat. I am ready to defend my seat.”

Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba said as a senior member of the PF, he could not respond to a summons which was communicated through the media.

Asked which platform he would use to defend his seat, he said he would disclose that at an appropriate time.

“But let me tell you, politics is about people. It is about consultations. In fact, the people in the constituency are the major shareholders and even myself. So I will go with their decision,” said Mwamba. “You never know, who thought that today, PF would wine and dine with  MMD, which we used to ‘throw stones’ at? Not too long ago, we were busy fighting them to get them out of power. So in politics, anything is possible. Anything can happen.”

And announcing Mwamba’s expulsion after a three-hour wait for him to appear before the disciplinary committee, Ngulube, who was the presiding officer at the PF convention which elected President Lungu as the party leader, said the Kasama member of parliament had squandered his opportunity to exculpate himself.

“We are satisfied that Mr Mwamba has no defence to the allegations levelled against him. Because there is no defence, we will not hear any evidence against Mr Mwamba. We have decided to close the matter,” he said. “In this regard we hereby declare that Mr Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba is no longer a member of the Patriotic Front. By virtue of that, Mr Mwamba will cease to be a member of the Patriotic Front, member of parliament for Kasama Central Constituency. If he is not happy with the decision, we advise him to appeal to the necessary bodies. But as at now, the matter is closed. Mr Mwamba has been expelled.”

Earlier, in a recorded phone conversion between Ngulube and Mwamba availed to the media by the former, Mwamba said he would not allow the party to treat him like a cadre.

Mwamba said he would sign the papers that were sent to his house around 12:00 hours yesterday which contained the said summons, but that he would appear before the committee at his own time.

Ngulube: Kanabesa, mwalaisa nangu twamwaise? (Sir, are you coming or not?)

Mwamba: Nala saina ifi nomba nshaiseko lelo. Nshilefwayo mulemwenesha kwati ndiwamilandu (I will sign these [summons] but I will not come today. I don’t want to be seen as a troublemaker).

Ngulube: Mwalaisa nangu tamwaise? (Are you coming or not?)

Mwamba: Nshilefwaya ifyakuti mwite ba press, mwambe ukucita dramatise ifintu. Boyi ifyo mwilalaba cakuti ati ine I am one of the key members of that party. I deserve respect. Nga mulefwaya muntafye, okay? You want to treat me nakalimo ni ne cadre. No. In fact, I won’t come (I don’t want you to call the press, and you begin to dramatise issues. My friend, don’t forget that I am one of the key members of that party….If you want, expel me, okay? You want to treat me as if I’m a cadre. No).

But after Mwamba cleared his call, Ngulube said he did not invite any media to dramatise the hearing and that the party would go ahead to announce its final decision in his absence.



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