GBM Is A Grade 6 Term 3 Drop Out – Fr. Frank Bwalya

GBM Is A Grade 6 Term 3 Drop Out – Fr. Frank Bwalya

The over spoken PF Deputy Spokesperson Fr. Frank Bwalya says UPND Vice President Geoffrey Mwamba will not only shock Zambians but will certainly shock himself and his family as well when he produces a Grade 12 Certificate from thin air because that will land him in problems.

Fr. Frank Bwalya was featured on Pan Africa’s radio program ‘The platform’.

Fr. Bwalya said the PF is aware and confident that Mr. Bwalya is a Grade 6 term 3 dropout who has no clue what an examination number really is hence the blubbery of him shocking the nation is just an imaginary attempt of his to console himself.

“Ba GBM where is the Grade 12 School certificate going to come from? Of course we will be surprised because never in our lives had we imagined that Grade 6 dropouts also had Grade 12 School certificates,” Fr. Frank Bwalya teased.

He said Mr. Mwamba should not try to forge the document because the law will take its course.

“As soon as that fake Grade 12 School Certificate is produced, Zambia Police will pounce on you in a flash of a second and your new residence will be based in prison. You may think this is a joking matter but you are just planning on your own demise and you are just asking for trouble. Law is law and the right action will be taken.

We are warning GBM that he may have been Minister of Defence, he has money but even unborn babies in UTH know that he doesn’t have a Grade 12 School Certificate, he cant change that and if he tries to forge, we are warning him, he is a family man, we don’t want his stomach to finish in jail. Let him behave himself,” Fr. Frank Bwalya said.

Fr. Frank Bwalya also defended Chief Government spokesperson Chishimba Kambwili’s statement.

“Yes, it is true what Mr. Kambwili said was true because the voting pattern of the people in Southern Province indicate that they can only vote for their tribes men.”