GBM Chishimba Kambwili Feud – Politics Or Drama?

GBM Chishimba Kambwili Feud – Politics Or Drama?

On Tuesday the undisputed heavy weight of modern day Zambian political theatrics and also UPND Vice President Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba challenged Chief Government Spokesman Chishimba Kambwili to go for a beauty contest.

But Mr. Kambwili said he would not accept the challenge because he is not a ‘model’ instead he challenged GBM to debate on Live Tv.

“I am not a model or a beautician. I am a politician and a servant of the people, I will not bring myself down to GBM’s level because the whole country can see that he is a low quality leader,” said Mr. Kambwili.

However, Zambians on social media have said that they want to see GBM and Kambwili debate on Live Tv.

“Forget about the Beauty contest remark, obviously GBM was being sarcastic but as a Zambian I want to see our politicians debate these issues out on live TV. So Honourable Kambwili, since GBM has accepted your debate challenge, I am eager to watch the debate. What is hard about debating on TV about the social and political state of our nation,” Chama wrote.

Below is Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba’s (GBM) statement with regards to Kambwili’s remarks.

“Country men and women yesterday I challenged Chishimba Kambwili to a beauty contest and he countered for obvious reason that instead “if I am man enough I challenge him to a live television debate on national issues, such as the social economic and political situation in our country. I challenge him to address real issues that are affecting the nation, not his recent comic outbursts”. I am not a comedian and i talk issues affecting the people of this beautiful country who have been short changed by his Government.

Chishimba Kambwili lets get it on, I do accept your challenge.

I shall debate with you and I give you the opportunity to choose the date and time, however, I will not have this debate at your discredited ZNBC, Let us have 3 independent moderators and a studio audience participating too.

We all say we are serving the people, so let the people judge.

This should also lead to a debate between our Presidents.

In normal situations I would have rather have had this debate with your Vice President but since you challenged me, I shall give this a one time opportunity to debate with you,

I await your response.”

As a Zambian, would you love to see this debate take place?