Fuel Transporters’ Protests Cause Fuel Shortage In Lusaka

Fuel shortages in Zambia

Fuel Transporters’ Protests Cause Fuel Shortage In Lusaka

Lusaka has been hit with fuel shortages with most filling stations running out of the commodity. Most filling stations in Lusaka have been scavenged by daunting queues as far as the eye can see.

It is believed that truck drivers ferrying the commodity have staged a protest after one of their colleague was reportedly shot dead by his employer after a misunderstanding.

However, Deputy Minister of Energy and Water Development Charles Zulu has called on fuel tanker drivers at Tanzania Zambia Mafuta (TAZAMA) to resume work to avoid more fuel shortage in Lusaka.

“We are trying to negotiate with the drivers to go back to work. I met them in the morning but they insisted that they want to see the ministers of Labour and Home Affairs, but unfortunately they are not with me,” he said.

The failure by the drivers to transport fuel could result in filling stations around the city running out of fuel completely.

“My worry is that all these filling stations may dry up and that is unacceptable when we have fuel stock for 17 to 18 days,” he said.