Fuel Shortage in Lusaka Takes its Toll

Fuel Shortage in Lusaka Takes its Toll

A Fuel shortage has again hit most parts of Lusaka as the Fuel Tankers Drivers Association have gone on strike.

The Association has instructed its members not to uplift any petroleum products from the fuel depots until Government responds to its demands.

The drivers want Government to ban the movement of fuel tankers beyond 18 hours to be effected.

And Dora Siliya has described the action by the drivers as tantamount to economic sabotage.

Ms. Siliya met the Oil Marketing Companies today and said Government very well knows the concerns of the drivers saying they are essential workers in the energy sector.

Ms. Siliya said the current strike is in fact as a result of one driver not following procedure while delivering fuel and refusing to follow lawful instructions.

“It has also become clear that some of the drivers requests are mixed with the tanker owners issues indicating collusion. I will meet with the fuel transporters tomorrow and will take the necessary action to normalize the situation. Your patience is most appreciated.”