Fruit Farmers Bemoan Imports

Fruit Farmers Bemoan Imports

The Government of the Republic of Zambia needs to ban the importation of fruits and vegetables to allow the local industry to flourish to its full potential.

Former Fruits and Vegetables Association president Richard Lisimba said Zambia had the potential to produce enough fruits and vegetables to meet the country’s needs and leave some for export.

Mr Lisimba said it was disheartening that some international chain stores in Zambia were importing fruits and vegetables despite adequate local produce being available.

“It pains me to even think that chain stores are importing lemons? And they are importing paw-paw, honestly?

The Government needs to put their hands where there mouth is; we need to have laws which deter these chain stores from importing fruits and vegetables which could be locally produced given the required attention,” he said.

Mr Lisimba explained that the country was endowed  with plenty of land, water and human resources to achieve the potential of the sector if only there was Government support to creating local market instead of allowing the importation of what could be locally produced.