Fred M’membe’s Fate Is Either Prison Or Death… Let Me Explain!

Fred M’membe’s Fate Is Either Prison Or Death… Let Me Explain!

There has been a manhunt. It has been going on for quite some time and I personally didn’t really bother that much to find out what the root cause was.I just thought it was one of those things were you just let “them” handle it.

But after an epiphany, I just cant let this nonsense continue without letting the masses know exactly what is going on behind closed doors because every Zambian has the right to know.

Fred M’membe’s battle with GRZ is literally EVERYONE’s battle.

The difference between Zed Corner and mainstream media is that we are fully self-funded and independent; hence we have every right to be unbiased. There is no politician backing us. With that said, incase I end up dead in a nearby compound then you know who took my life [wink].

DISCLAIMER: This article to many might be regarded as “JUST” a mere conspiracy theory but to vigilant Zambians, this is the truth. Read at your own peril.

Why Fred M’membe?

Well, Fred M’membe has been and still is a pivotal key player in Zambian politics. Fred M’membe has influenced the direction of politics in Zambia especially during the peak of The Post [before it was castrated and publicly humiliated].

For over a decade, The Post was a trusted source that most Zambians would read day in and day out to keep up with what ba mitala misoka are doing. If it wasn’t for M’membe, Michael Sata wouldn’t have ever been president.

That is how influential M’membe is. He who controls the Media controls the masses. He who controls the masses has power and influence. That’s just how it is.

That is why these machoncholi [Chinese] have now bought ZNBC [Zambia’s largest media outlet] because they want to fully control Zambia now. I mean, they have taken over our mines, economy and businesses [Yaba fyonse twalishitishya soon it will be Mosi-OA-Tunya].

During his winning streak Fred M’membe managed to piss off the wrong people especially those top dogs from the MMD regime. Still don’t make sense? OK! Let me break it down.

Zambia is not run by Zambians. There are two governments running Zambia. Actually there is only one. Government A [The higher Ups] and Government B [Edgar Lungu and friends]. You and I believe that Zambia is run by Edgar Lungu but this truth is far fetched. Zambia is run and controlled by Government A and these people have no remorse for you and I. All they care about is our mineral resources; money and they will milk Zambia dry.

The only Zambian who has been trying to expose them is Fred M’membe, that is why they will make sure he is 6 feet under or incarcerated for life.

Some of you will bring up Fred M’membe’s tax crime. My Dear brothers and sisters, do you honestly think this whole fracas is because of Fred M’membe’s inability to pay tax? If this was ever a money issue, then GRZ wouldn’t try to confiscate M’membe’s printer, his greatest asset that allows him to make money. GRZ knows very well that without his printing machine M’membe will never raise the money to pay back GRZ. So the point you keep raising that Fred M’membe is being hunted because of tax should just be dropped because this is deeper than that.

I have given you food for thought. In the near future we plan to spill the beans and release more evidence Now, let me take cover and hope Government A won’t me hunt down as well.