Fred M’membe Vs Edgar Lungu

Fred M’membe Vs Edgar Lungu

Post Newspaper editor-in-chief Fred M’membe has vowed to dodge all bullets President Edgar Lungu will fire at him. He also lamented that President Edgar Lungu is no match to him and his newspaper, The Post, because their participation in Zambian Politics goes beyond the time when the Head of State became a councilor.

“Edgar Lungu and his minions are very desperate to retain power in next year’s elections and are not allowing anything to stand in their way; they are ready to do anything to remain in power. And they don’t hide this fact; they proclaim this openly that it will be embarrassing for them to lose power after only one year in office.

Edgar and his friends are engaging in too many desperate things for nothing but fear of losing power and the privileges that accompany it. They have tasted what power can do for them – increased access to money, fame, good living. Today, they have more money than they have ever had in their lives. They are getting all sorts of ‘donations’ for anything they want to do. If they want K30 million to spend on the Copperbelt, 200 bicycles for each Copperbelt constituency, automobiles, regalia, those with money are falling over each other to finance them,” the frustrated Post owner says.

Fred M’membe says the mood in the country is changing very quickly warning President Lungu tides may change,

“There is no doubt, Edgar is using the Zambia Revenue Authority and other state law enforcement agencies to try and fix The Post and if possible, close it. And they are taking about it. They don’t hide their intentions and hatred for The Post. Edgar has openly declared war against The Post and has reminded the nation that he is the Head of State and this newspaper stands no chance in a contest with him,” he adds.