Former Zambian First Lady Dr. Christine Kaseba Uses Being Homeless As A Publicity Stunt.

Former Zambian First Lady Dr. Christine Kaseba Uses Being Homeless As A Publicity Stunt.

Former First Lady Dr. Christine Kaseba has allegedly been evicted from a lodge she was staying in after leaving State House following government’s failure to settle accommodation bills.

This information was earlier revealed in Parliament yesterday by Mazabuka Central UPND MP Gary Nkombo who raised a point of order to ask Government why it is failing to take care of the Former First Lady.

“Mr. Speaker is this Government in order to neglect the former first lady to the point that she got evicted from the lodge she was staying in at Number 8 Reedbuck forcing her to move in with her biological mother at a house in Libala near Sky Park Mall?”, asked Gary Nkombo.

Mr. Nkombo was advised to file an urgent question so that the government can respond to the issue by Speaker Patrick Matibini.

One wonders, how does a woman whose husband owned almost the entire Avondale area of Lusaka become a victim of eviction? Is this what holding a Doctorate title to your name implies? Reliable sources have it, that Dr. Christine Kaseba’s husband Michael Sata owned a lot of property in Lusaka among those are many houses. Surely, even if it is a prone dependency on government coffers, how can one be this reckless? And why is Dr. Christine Kaseba making a lodge her home when there are plenty of Zambians out there who don’t even own a pit latrine?

I for one would assume it would be cheaper for Zambian government to secure a nice luxurious house for her once and for all rather than paying hefty bills every month at luxurious lodges which sum up to billions of dollars over time.

One gets to wonder, do all former heads of state live at luxurious lodges the whole time after leaving the state house? If by whatever circumstances the answer is yes, then we need deliverance because Zambia is literally wasting huge sums of money on pointless endeavors. Last week our government announced that we need to borrow chunks of money just to sustain our budget.

Need I remind you that it is the Taxpayers money that is being used here and Zambians sweat just to pay those taxes? On behalf of all poor Zambians who have been neglected by our government for so long, I take this humble opportunity to ask the Zambian government to provide better services for the rest of the thousands of Zambians living on less than a dollar per day with no adequate access to basic necessities like water and education as well rather than just concentration on ‘one’ Dr. Christine Kaseba.