Fight Breaks Out In Zambian Parliament

Fight Breaks Out In Zambian Parliament.

SWIFT action by Parliament security yesterday refrained Katombora member of Parliament(MP) Derick Livune (UPND) from charging towards and physically attacking Minister of Finance Alexander Chikwanda while he was about to conclude a debate on the motion to “Increase amount outstanding at any one time on domestic and external loans”.
Some UPND MPs were infuriated by Mr Chikwanda’s remarks that the UPND has never had a leader outside Southern Province and that the Patriotic Front (PF) is the only party, which has exclusivity of leadership.
This angered Mr Livune who stood up with intentions of throwing round kicks and nasty left hook punches. The annoyed law-maker removed his jacket and charged towards Mr Chikwanda but quick action by security personnel blocked him while on the other side of the House, Solwezi West MP Teddy Kansonso (UPND) also frantically charged towards his Mufumbwe counterpart Stephen Masumba but Parliament security managed to separate the two law-makers and calm the situation.
Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini ordered Mr Chikwanda to withdraw his statement and the minister explained himself.
And Parliament adopted the motion for the  House to authorise Mr Chikwanda to increase by statutory instrument (SI) the maximum amount outstanding at any one time on external loans raised outside Zambia and payable over a period of more than one year from K60 billion to K160 billion after Dr Matibini subjected it to a vote.
The outcome was 79 MPs voting in favour of the motion while 30 voted against it.