Female Teachers In Mkushi Abandon Positions Because Of Witchcraft

Female Teachers In Mkushi Abandon Positions Because Of Witchcraft.

THREE female teachers of Mishingo Primary School in Chief Chitina’s area in Mkushi have deserted the school while others are threatening to leave due to alleged witchcraft practices by some villagers.

Mkushi district commissioner Luka Mwamba said in an interview on Thursday that the teachers allegedly find themselves stark naked outside their houses in bizarre circumstance when they wake up every morning despite sleeping in their houses the previous night.

The teachers also revealed that the feel tingly sensations every night as if they are having intercourse .

“I feel like someone is penetrating me but I cant see anybody. It is like I am having sex with an invisible person. I am so scared . I think leaving this God forsaken area would be the best thing to do,” complained one of them.

Mr Mwamba said that he received a report from village headmen Rogers Chisenga and Knowledge Nsamba over the problem.

“The headmen informed me that all the teachers have decided to rally behind their female counterparts and push transfers to other schools,” Mr Mwamba said.

He said of the three teachers, two are married women and they fear that their marriages might be jeopardised.

Mr Mwamba is worried that other teachers will not accept to be transferred to the school if their colleagues flee due to alleged witchcraft.

He is concerned that this is the second time that acts of witchcraft are being reported at the school since 2014.

He said the school has over 800 pupils and that a community meeting will soon be convened to discuss the matter.