FAZ officials refuse to recognise ban

FAZ officials refuse to recognise ban.

THE four Football Association of Zambia officials who were excluded from all football matters have refused to recognise their ban.

The FAZ disciplinary committee chaired by Joseph Jalasi banned Damiano Mutale, Maximillan Chanda and Kelvin Chipili indefinitely for failing to appear before it to answer charges of indiscipline.

The trio were also fined K5,000 each.

Northern Province Amateur Football secretary Michael Chimponda was also banned for two months for attacking FAZ in the media.

However, Mutale said they would not recognise the ban, arguing that the committee that banned them was illegal.

“We don’t recognise the disciplinary committee constituted by this anarchist Andrew Kamanga without the blessings of the Executive Committee of FAZ. Anyway, for now, we challenge Mr Kamanga to study Article 46 of the FAZ constitution. Or is this Mr Kamanga’s way of silencing the developmental voice? For now, let him concentrate on clearing his issues at DEC and ACC,” Mutale said.
And in a letter to the FAZ general secretary, Mutale claimed the disciplinary committee’s decision was invalid because Simataa Simataa, the vice-chairman of the committee, was not a lawyer.

“The vice-chairman of the Disciplinary Committee Mr Simataa Simataa is not a lawyer as per FAZ constitution Article 46 and therefore makes this committee invalid. Mr Simataa Simataa has some uncleared issues with the association [but] is part of this committee contrary to FIFA rules. Kindly inform the Disciplinary Chairman on the above matters,” reads the letter in part.

But Simataa clarified that he was just a member of the FAZ disciplinary committee.

He said the trio needed to appear before the disciplinary committee because the same constitution they were quoting required them to appear before the committee.

“I am just a member of the committee, I am not a vice-chairman. In any case, when you are summoned to court, do you start to question how and why the judge was appointed? First you appear and if you have any issues to raise, you raise them in court,” said Simataa.

Chanda is the FAZ member that reported Kamanga to ACC for alleged misapplication of K24,000 meant for FAZ.
The trio were recently banned for two months for bringing the name of the game into disrepute.