Extortionate Prices Anger Kasolo

Extortionate Prices Anger Kasolo.

Permanent Secretary of Eastern Province, Chanda Kasolo, has been angered after he found out that some shops are selling consumer goods higher than other shops.

Mr. Kasolo wondered whether the shops, which are deliberately hiking commodity prices, have an agenda to make the PF government unpopular.

During a press briefing at his office yesterday in the company of his deputy Patrick Mwanawasa, Kasolo wondered why mealie-meal was costing K85 at Shoprite while a similar bag was costing K65 and below in other shops.

Kasolo said unscrupulous business people were taking advantage of the “good business environment” that the government had created to rob the people. He further said he would get rid of culprits who are taking advantage of people during these trying times.

“The government has got total authority to sanction these people, and even cancel their licenses. Just because you are a big supermarket doesn’t mean you can do what you like. This country is for Zambians to have a fair deal, we want investment to come here, but it must come on terms which are a win-win basis between an investor and Zambians,” he said.