Energy Regulation Board Fines Two Oil Marketing Firms

Energy Regulation Board Fines Two Oil Marketing Firms.

Two oil-marketing companies (OMCs) have been fined for breach of license conditions and contravening the Energy Regulation Act including selling fuel in undersigned and unlicensed depots.

The Energy Regulation Board of Zambia (ERB) is also set to commence proceedings against Samfuel Limited for blatant disregard and contravening the provisions of the Energy Regulations Act.

ERB public relations manager Kwali Nfuni said Juba Transport and Mount Meru Petroleum Zambia Ltd have been ordered to pay for failing to comply with the law.

Ms Mfuni said the decision to fine the two companies was arrived at during the Board’ss last sitting on September 28, this year.

She said Samfuel was found to have been selling fuel at its Ndola and Kitwe bulk storage depots, which, were neither designed nor licensed by the ERB as selling points.

“On the other hand, Juba Transport and Mount Meru, have been fined for failing to adhere to their respective license conditions. Further, Kobil Zambia has been severely warned for selling fuel at a site not licensed by the ERB,”she said.

Juba Transport had been fined for allowing the siphoning of fuel from a fuel tanker at an undersigned location, which resulted in a massive spillage, thereby posing a risk to the health and safety of the public as well as pollution of the environment.

ERB has also directed the four erring firms to desist from the practices, failure to which more drastic punitive action would be taken against them.

Sources: Times