Elias Chipimo Eyeing MP Seat in 2016

Elias Chipimo Eyeing MP Seat in 2016
ELIAS Chipimo says he intends to contest as an MP in the 2016 general elections, ZANIS reports.
Opposition National Restoration Party (NAREP) leader Elias Chipimo yesterday admitted that his party performed badly in the last presidential elections because he was an in-experienced politician.
Mr. Chipimo has since categorically stated that he intends to contest as Member of Parliament (MP) in one of the constituencies in Zambia in the 2016 general elections as one way of re-organizing his party.
Mr. Chipimo noted that the electorate wants a candidate who starts politics from the grassroots, hence his decision to contesting as an MP.
The opposition NAREP leader was speaking on a live Millennium Radio programme monitored by ZANIS in Lusaka today.
Mr. Chipimo, who could not disclose the constituency he intends to contest, said he wants NAREP to be in Parliament in 2016 by winning a minimum of at least three seats.
He explained that once he becomes a parliamentarian next year, it would help build him into a national character in order for the Zambian people to gain confidence in him to be their President.
“Once l become an MP, politics in Zambia will change. I want to start politics from the grassroots in order to accelerate my performance as a presidential candidate in 2021,” he said.
Recently, Mr. Chipimo announced that NAREP would not field him in the 2016 presidential poll and dismissed the assertion of his party being broke to sponsor him.
Meanwhile, Mr. Chipimo has dismissed suggestions that he wants to join the ruling Patriotic Front or merging with any political party.
He however, stated that NAREP is open for discussions with any party that wants to advance the agenda of developing Zambia.

He said merging of two or more political parties in Zambia cannot work because of greediness by politicians.

The opposition leader said most politicians in Zambia practiced belly politics (BP) which he said is the root cause for collapsing of most political alliances.

He said this is the more reason why he does not enter into political alliances because of greediness by party presidents.

“Belly politics is at centre stage in Zambia because everyone wants to be the president of this or that pact,” he lamented.

He accused the ruling PF against manipulating the constitution to suit their needs and disregarding the demands of the Zambian people.

On violence, the aspiring parliamentarian said NAREP remains resolute in its efforts to offer value based leadership.

“As party leaders and politicians, we should tell our cadres who perpetrate violence to stop doing it,” he said.

He urged President Edgar Lungu including other party leaders to be in the forefront and demonstrate a culture of peace and unity.