Election petitions exposing the judiciary, says Masebo

Election petitions exposing the judiciary, says Masebo.

SYLVIA Masebo says the process of taking petitions to court is exposing the judiciary and some politicians.

Commenting on High Court judge Gertrude Chawatama’s decision to dismiss her petition against PF Chongwe member of parliament Japhen Mwakalombe on account that she failed to provide evidence on her allegations, Masebo said she was not discouraged by the loss of the petition in the High Court because she knows she provided evidence for her case to succeed.

“The process of taking petitions to court is exposing people and
politicians. Even people in the judiciary are getting exposed. Through this court process, the judiciary will cleanse itself,” Masebo said.

She said the truth of about was happening would be known.
“Truth will always be the truth,” Masebo said.

She urged her party supporters not to relent but move forward and
focus on the future.

“I will not die because I am not member of parliament; I will actually continue to work for my people. Let us continue to work for our people. Working for people is not only through being a member of parliament. Today is their day and our day will come because what we are saying is true,” Masebo said.

She further said it was unfortunate that despite her providing
evidence that Mwakalombe used public resources to campaign as he was still in employment and received his salary for June, the court still protected him.

“But if you find people going round using the law and English to
protect that person, it does not matter because at the end of the day,the truth is that even where he is, he is saying today, ‘I have been helped’,” said Masebo. ” You all know that there was violence and all the evidence was provided. Let us not feel bad. The world has not come an end.”