Eight ZAF Pilots Undergo Higher Training

Eight ZAF Pilots Undergo Higher Training.

EIGHT student aircrew officers of the Zambia Air Force ( ZAF) have graduated from an integrated commercial pilot licence course in South Africa.

ZAF chief of training Henry Nyundu encouraged the students to use the training as a stepping stone to further their careers.

Brigadier- General Nyundu said ZAF will continue playing a leading role in the country’s aviation sector.

The chief of training disclosed that the students were identified after they completed senior secondary school and were trained in Zambia before furthering their training in South Africa.

Brig- Gen Nyundu said the trained pilots have not only acquired skills to benefit them personally, but the country as well.

“ Our pilots, who have been training here [ in South Africa] will, after this, be deployed in the various ZAF squadrons,” he said.

The 43 Air School in Port Alfred, 150 kilometres from Port Elizabeth, owns the largest and best- maintained fleet of aircraft on the continent and provides training to pilots from across the continent.

Three other students from Ivory Coast, South Africa and Seychelles were also graduating alongside their eight Zambian counterparts.

Speaking in an interview with ZANIS, 43 Air School flight manager Kyle Menin commended the graduates for being are among the best students at the institution.

Mr Menin advised the graduates to be alert whenever they are flying passengers because flying is a risky job which requires utmost alertness to avoid mishaps.

The eight, who have been training since April this year, are second lieutenants Florence Mbewe, Joseph Kauseni, Simwala Maiba, Willie Mayaba, Andrew Monde, Nsofwa Njilika, Costa Nsemukila and Kankinza Tolodi.

Lieutenant Mbewe said the training will help her contribute effectively to the professional and experienced manpower in the aviation sector on Zambia.