Edith Nawakwi Arrested, Released After 2 Hour Interrogation

Edith Nawakwi Arrested, Released After 2 Hour Interrogation

Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) President Edith Nawakwi had been apprehended by police in Kitwe yesterday for allegedly conducting an unlawful assembly.

Edith Nawakwi, who was addressing party officials in Mulenga Community, had to cut short her meeting after being alerted that police were coming after her.

However, Police in full riot gear apprehended Nawakwi on her way out of Mulenga Community and took her to Wusakile Police Station for question.

And after a more than two-hour interrogation by police, opposition leader Edith Nawakwi was released from custody.

“Fellow comrades after detaining Edith Nawakwi for over two hours the police have finally released President Edith Nawakwi.

What happened was that Wusakile Police in two vans in full riot gear intercepted Edith Nawakwi and her entourage as she was coming out of Kwa Mulenga compound where she had gone to visit one of our Branch Chairladies. The police then took her to Wusakile where they detained her for over 2 hours awaiting instructions from the top command on what to do with her. They later transferred her to Kitwe Police Headquarters where they interrogated her for almost an hour.

After realizing that she had committed no offence, the police who ‘confirmed’ that they were ‘merely acting on orders from the higher authority’ gave her a warning and cautionary statement.

President Edgar Chagwa Lungu must know that arresting President Edith Nawakwi shall not bring down the cost of living; it shall not end load shedding; it shall not end the job losses in the mines or make the Kwacha appreciate. Lungu should know that only visionary and effective leadership shall deliver Zambia from this economic Armageddon. Arrests, intimidation shall not work.

As FDD, we want to reassure Mr. Lungu that we shall neither cow down nor relent in our efforts to speak for and defend the suffering masses. He can arrest us as much as he wants but we shall never be intimidated.

To all you comrades and all FDD supporters and sympathizers thank you for your support. Nothing can break the spirit of the people. We shall overcome,” said Antonio Mwanza, FDD Spokesperson.

Source: Zamba Reports