East PF members turn against each other

East PF members turn against each other

By Staff Reporters

POLICE in Chipata have formally arrested PF member Chinga Kasalika for allegedly assaulting Eastern Province chairperson Andrew Lubusha.

The police have also opened a docket for Lubusha over alleged assault of Kasalika.

Eastern Province Police commissioner Alex Chilufya said Kasalika was formally arrested after a complaint was lodged him but was released on police bond.

“Mr Chinga (Kasalika) is not detained but was summoned by Chipata Central Police station in relation to a complaint of assault lodged by Andrew Lubusha. He was given a Police bond after formal arrest. Mr Chinga Kasalika initially also filed a similar complaint of assault against Andrew Lubusha, the PF provincial chairman, at Kapata Police Post and a medical report was issued and returned certified for police processing. Police CID opened a docket and are taking necessary action,” Chilufya said.
Kasalika is part of a rival PF group in the province calling for the removal of Lubusha through party elections.

Lubusha has been accused of sidelining PF members, most of whom had sacrificed for the party during the August 11 election campaigns.

Kasalika reported Lubusha to Kapata Police on Sunday, claiming the provincial chairman, along with a horde of cadres, attacked him on Saturday night.

When contacted earlier, Chilufya said: “What I am made to understand is that there was an altercation of two rival PF youth groups that have taken different positions on leadership. There hasn’t been a medical report to confirm assault.”

But according to a medical report seen by The Mast, Kasalika suffered “damage to soft tissue, injury of the neck and trauma.”
Kasalika explained: “Yesterday (Saturday) around 20:00 hours at a drinking place called Dredel, I was physically attacked by the provincial chairman, PF Eastern Province, Mr Andrew Lubusha.”
He said the attack on him could have been because of his calls for change of party leadership in the province.

Kasalika said his demand for leadership change was not personal but for the good of the ruling party.

“The reason why members are calling for elections is that there are a lot of misgivings with regards to the current PF Eastern Province leadership, not that these are allegations but observations from the general membership as to why the party in Eastern Province is being run like a Kantemba [makeshift business],” said Kabalika who vowed to continue to push for leadership change in Eastern Province.