Dictators enjoy muzzling dissent, says Kapoma

Dictators enjoy muzzling dissent, says Kapoma.

By Lulumbi Nakazwe

GOVERNANCE activist David Kapoma says dictators always enjoy muzzling dissent from those opposed to their style of governance.

In an interview, Kapoma said it was unfortunate that the Patriotic Front had decided to throw tantrums at everyone and every institution that was opposed to its ideas.

PF secretary general Davies Mwila last week said the ruling party would now take Law Association of Zambia president Linda
Kasonde as a political opponent.

Mwila said it was clear that the LAZ president had been supporting the opposition UPND, the more reason the PF would treat her as an opponent in politics.

This was after LAZ, through Kasonde, criticised attacks on the judiciary by State House and the PF following nullification of the ruling party’s parliamentary seats.

Commentning on PF threats on Kasonde, Kapoma stated the ruling party had instilled fear in the life of LAZ president, a situation he said might result in her failing to perform her duties effectively.

“The PF started by frustrating the media and succeeded in closing The Post. This is what dictators enjoy. They love it when no one is criticising them and they enjoy having praise singers around them. The Patriotic Front leadership is proving to be a team of savages who can’t pay attention to the cries and needs of the people,” Kapoma stated.

“Earlier this year, I indicated that we are creating a monster in PF and I still maintain my position. If those close to the President [Edgar Lungu] continue telling him lies and we allow them to do so uninterrupted, we will only have but ourselves to blame. The President must act and tame his people whom I believe their behaviour is an embarrassment to the office of the president.”

He stated that the PF chief executive did not behave in a manner befitting his position.

“Today the Patriotic Front, through its proxy, has openly declared war against Kasonde. In his own words, the PF secretary general, Mr Davies Mwila, told the media that the PF government will treat Ms Linda Kasonde as their political enemy,” Kapoma stated.”Let me start by saying that the latest attacks on the judiciary and LAZ by the PF are the most eccentric ways in the recent past. Mr Davies Mwila, who is also Chipili Constituency losing candidate in the last elections, has exhibited bitterness and lack of leadership in the manner he has threatened a harmless woman, who is simply doing her job. If anything, it is only cowards who issue threats against women.”

He stated that Mwila’s behaviour was harsh and must be condemned.

“It is wrong to issues such threats on institutions and individuals who are simply exercising their right to expression. At the rate the PF is moving, they may just declare war against the people who voted them into power. For once, the PF should listen and pay attention to the real issues affecting the citizens as opposed to what we are seeing now. It is in the spirit of democracy that government allows the citizens to express themselves freely without being victimised,” Kapoma stated.

He stated that the PF’s behaviour showed that they were taking Zambians in a direction worse enough to impose a one party state on the country.

“It is very strange how the PF leadership is slow to respond and act on the issues that affect the very people who put them in power but are very quick to rush out at anyone who seems to threaten their stay in power. Zambia is currently faced with a lot of challenges that require action from the PF. Attacking individuals such as the LAZ president is a waste of time and energy on the part of the PF. It is a sign of failure and cowardice to behave in this manner,” Kapoma stated.

He stated that the PF must stop shifting the blame on others when things don’t go their way.

“That is just how life must be; you win some and lose some. They have the responsibility to deliver development to the Zambian people and that must be their number one priority. It is common sense that the PF, together with its leadership, seem to have become very powerful and drunk with authority,” stated Kapoma.

“I know of a few good people within the PF whom I believe must be ashamed with what some of the leaders within the party are doing and saying. The PF must remember that there shall be a time when they will have to leave office and be accountable to the people.”