Destroying Property At MMD Secretariat Is A Crime

Destroying Property At MMD Secretariat Is A Crime.
I note with concern the behavior by the MMD members that are fighting to remove the party president  Dr. Nevers Mumba from his office ‘by hook or by crook.’ Recently, a group of ‘rough cadres’ calling themselves an ‘MMD rival group’ clashed physically with the police at the party secretariat in Lusaka’s Kabulonga and left a frightening  trail of destruction.
Such behavior by the hired  youths should be condemned by every well meaning Zambian in the strongest possible terms.
Political leaders should be in the forefront of preserving peace and order. I urge those who have been funding these unemployed youths to cause confusion in the MMD to desist from such acts and find better ways of expressing their political ambitions. The MMD is one of the most organized political parties in Zambia which has clear procedures on how to resolve such grievances.
It is criminal and a sign of selfishness and desperation to destroy property in the manner the “MMD faction” damaged property at the Party Secretariat. I call on the law enforcement agents to do a very thorough investigation with the help of the four (4) youths that were arrested and get to the bottom of who is actually funding such immoral acts and the real motive behind.
The police should bring such behaviour to an end otherwise this country will be taken over by these cadres as happened in the era before the multi-party dispensation where ‘vigilantes’ started running the affairs of this country.
I urge the people of Zambia to reject desperate leaders that are known to cause confusion as they do not mean well for the country. Their main interest is to serve their individual, selfish interests and do not have plans to move the country forward. I also warn other political parties to reject MMD members who are causing confusion in their party as they have the potential of taking the same behavior to other political parties.
I finally want to urge all politicians to always use the right channels when it comes to expressing concerns and avoid causing violence and threatening the peace our country has enjoyed for a long time.
David Kapoma
Governance Activist