Dennis Liwewe – A Tribute To Dennis Liwewe

Dennis Liwewe – A Tribute To Dennis Liwewe.
Phillip Denis Liwewe better known as Denis Liwewe, was a football (soccer) commentator who traveled the sports world 96 times spanning more than 40 countries.
Dennis Liwewe was born on the shore of Lake Malawi on January 10, 1936, and moved to Zambia in 1960 where he worked as a journalist for the Nchanga Weekly Newspaper. In 1973, Denis Liwewe began working for Zambia Consolidated Copper Mines (ZCCM) where he worked as the Director of Media and the Public Relations until he retired in 1986.
Following his retirement, Denis Liwewe became a motivational speaker to retirees and set the tone of the speeches by delivering a keynote address that drew heavily on his love for football and for reading.
Denis Liwewe died on the 22 April 2014, following a battle with liver complications.