Dead Senanga Man Comes Back To Life Video

Dead Senanga Man Comes Back To Life Video.

A Senanga man has become the talk of the town after he came back from the dead months after he was buried.

Mufalali Mufalali is said to have died on the 29th October 2015 at home after spending 4 months being critically sick in hospital.

He was later buried on the November 1. But what has befallen his family has now become Western Province’s most bizarre tale in recent times.

His  shocked wife  says she needs answers because she was there when her dead husband’s casket was being placed in the grave.

Most neighbours to the family spoken to by Lusaka’s Muvi Television say they had even been to the mortuary to prepare his body for burial and are equally in shock after he reappeared 3 months later.

But Mufalali himself explains that he had been in Kaoma working on farms where he would be paid 60 Ngwee per month.