Court sets ruling date in Longwe murder case

Court sets ruling date in Longwe murder case.

THE prosecution yesterday closed its case after 12 witnesses testified against murder accused Precious Longwe.

Longwe is charged with murder of her husband Akakanda Liteebele.

Following the prosecution’s close of the case, High Court judge Sharon Newa set January 6, 2017 as the date for ruling on whether Longwe has a case to answer or not.

It is alleged that Longwe in May shot dead Liteebele.

After the last witness, Longwe’s arresting officer Inspector Juma
Mutambo of Woodlands Police Station concluded his testimony and informed the court that it was closing the case.

The prosecution indicated that it would file written submissions within two weeks while the defence would do so 21 days later.

Earlier, Inspector Mutambo insisted that there was a misunderstanding between the accused and the deceased as indicated by one of the messages she sent to him saying; ‘You will pay for this Lubinda.’

Inspector Mutambo also said the misunderstanding between the two had started when the accused told the husband not to communicate with the father on the night they went for a drinking spree.