Court sets Jan 26 to hear land dispute case between church and Matero MP

Court sets Jan 26 to hear land dispute case between church and Matero MP

By Kaungu Ndumba

LUSAKA High Court judge Mwamba Chanda has set January 26 for inter-partes hearing in a case where Matero PF member of parliament Lloyd Kaziya has been sued for encroaching on church land in Lilayi area.

This is in a matter where Hope for Life Church International has sued Kaziya, claiming aggravated damages worth over K4,000 for trespass to land.

The church also sought an injunction restraining Kaziya from further trespassing on the church land.

The plaintiffs, through its Reverend Ephraim Zulu, have also cited Arthur Banda and other people believed to be PF cadres.

According to a statement of claim filed in court, the church indicated that sometime in August 2016, Banda, who is the second defendant in this matter, went to the plaintiffs’ property and wrote on the heap of quarry dust the words “Stop it”.

The church stated that Banda left his phone number with people at a neighbouring plot but that when contacted, he did not respond.

Later after three days, church secretary Reverend Zulu received a phone call from 0977 197919.

“The caller said the lot in issue was his and that he had built a house on it which had been demolished by PF cadres but he could not contest it because he had no political muscle. He introduced himself as Honourable Lloyd Kaziya, the newly elected member of parliament for Matero Constituency. He said he had also applied for the same lot,” the claim read in part.

Further, according to the claim, Kaziya informed Rev Zulu that he had obtained the land from the Registrar at the Ministry of Lands and he also proposed a meeting.

However, before the meeting was held, Kaziya’s agents went to the said land to interrupt construction activities.

The church indicated that at one time, Kaziya’s agents even assaulted workers who were found on site and confiscated building materials.

The church is therefore seeking damages for mental anguish, inconvenience and aggravated damages for trespass to land.