Copperbelt Energy Ventures Into Biomass Power Generation

Copperbelt Energy Ventures Into Biomass Power Generation.

Copperbelt Energy Corporation (CEC) has commenced a joint venture and is in discussion with the Copperbelt Forestry Company to enable it to use its waste material to generate power.

CEC wants to take advantage of its location to use biomass energy in order to generate power.
CEC director for strategy and regulation Sylvester Hibajene said the initial target is setting of a 10-megawatt biomass plant on the Copperbelt.

“There is potential to use biomass for energy generation on the Copperbelt and once we prove that it can work, we will take it elsewhere,” he said.

Mr Hibajene said the company is also working on a one-megawatt biogas plant, which uses sawdust and a technology, which lets gas pass through engine thereby generating electricity.

He said CEC, which has interest in the area of solar, started to look at it five years ago although nothing much has been done due to lack of appropriate tariffs and the whole framework was not conducive to investment.

The company has two sites on the Copperbelt where it intends to install solar power plants to a tune of 20 megawatts each.

He also said that while waiting for the initiative to be developed, CEC has also collaborated with an international firm to do pre-feasibility studies o one of the sites.