Congolese Fakes Being Deaf To Get NRC

Congolese Fakes Being Deaf To Get NRC.

A Congolese man in Mansa has been arrested by Zambia Police and Immigration for faking being deaf and dumb in an effort to allegedly fraudulently obtain national and voter’s cards.

Celor Mudiyandambo, 30, of DRC tried to take advantage of the current ongoing national and voter registration exercise and used the alias Simple Chipulu to obtain the two documents.

Luapula Police Chief Hudson Namachila confirmed the arrest and said Mudiyandambo had gone to Kalaba Primary School in Mansa with an old woman who pretended to be a sign language interpreter. The unidentified old woman used an act of buffoonery to play the role of a sign language interpreter as a way of cheating the registration officers in awarding Mudiyandambo the cards.

He was reported by members of the public that awaited their turns in order to be attended to but got surprised when they spotted Mudiyandambo vigorously talking on a cell phone.The furious crowd informed police officers who later arrested him.

Mudiyandambo who is in police custody was issued an NRC bearing number 318499/31/1 whose serial number was Z12317499 and a voter’s card was issued under the number 48180494.

Mudiyandambo has been charged with obtaining an NRC on false pretences.