Condom Miracle Prophet Visit To Zambia Excites Zambian Women

Condom Miracle Prophet Visit To Zambia Excites Zambian Women

Zambian women have leaped for joy after word went round that self proclaimed Zimbabwean Prophet Paul Shingalia will soon visit Zambia to perform various miracles amongst those ‘condom miracles’.

Women who spoke on terms of confidentiality and anonymity expressed uttermost joy and claimed they desperately needed ‘condom miracles’ from the seasoned prophet.

They say their men are nuisances who are in the habit of sleeping around with sweet sixteens and anything that can open its legs.

“This condom miracle is welcome, it will help our men and families change for the better. We are told that our men will be using condoms every time when having sex,” they giggled.

According to Prophet Shingalia having sex with the anointed condoms will enhance sexual pleasure in a spiritual way, men will also have an increase in their manhood by at least 5cm, partners will be faithful and most importantly the anointed condoms have the ability to prevent and cure HIV/AIDS.

It is reported that there was a stampede at his congregation in Zimbabwe when congregants literally fought each other in order to get the anointed condoms.