Compulsory HIV Tests For UTH Admissions

Compulsory HIV Tests For UTH Admissions

The University Teaching Hospital has been carrying out mandatory HIV testing on all its admitted patients.

UTH doctors who preferred anonymity confirmed the development, saying patients are not told about the tests but explained that the move is to ensure doctors have an easier diagnosis.

According to a UTH doctor, all patients who are admitted are tested for HIV but are not told. The tests are done but the results are withheld from the patient, it is confidential information only for the doctor to know.

“You see, the information is important in the process to treat the patients. Once we acquire the status of a patient, it is much easier for us to conduct a proper and efficient diagnosis, and if HIV is detected early before the CD4 count goes down, it is easier to mitigate the virus. The tests are also used for statistical analysis about HIV prevalence in Zambia.”

After further investigation, UTH public relations manager Mwenya Musenge elaborated that the HIV testing was a Diagnostic Care and Testing.

“It is just extra knowledge our staff uses in treating patients, it is not forced, patients are counseled and if they give us a go ahead, only then we can proceed.”