Commerce Permanent Secretary Siakelenge Fired by Lungu

Commerce Permanent Secretary Siakelenge Fired by Lungu.

President Edgar Lungu has dropped commerce permanent secretary Siazongo Siakalenge on accusations that he has been secretly working with UPND, State House sources have disclosed.

Many have said that Siakelenge had been courting UPND from previous general elections and PF had to get rid of him in order for them to clean up the civil service.

“Siakalenge has been a whistle blower within government and President Lungu has awarded him the freedom to go and mobilize the UPND from outside, not within the PF, so now he is a free man, “the sources charged.

State House sources have unveiled that all Tonga officers working at State House will be redeployed.

“The problem lays in the fact that a lot of vital information is being passed around even at State House and sometimes it falls on the wrong ears. We later get surprised to find the very information circulating within UPND. So right now, we are going to take maximum precautionary measures and as a result a handful of Tonga police officers working here are being redeployed,” said the sources.