Civil Servants Dissatisfied With Lungu

Civil Servants Dissatisfied With Lungu.

Civil Servants are perhaps one of the most overlooked employees in Zambia. They feel neglected, not appreciated and most of all underpaid.

However, it is for this reason that Civil Servants have raged a war with the current ruling government.

MICHAEL Mabenga says no civil servant will spare President Edgar Lungu and his PF government in the August 11 general elections.

Recently, former health deputy minister, Dr Lwipa Puma, said health workers in the country were frustrated due to poor conditions of service they were subjected to under the current regime.

Major Richard Kachingwe also said police officers were equally struggling with poor conditions of service and that they, too, were yearning for change of government to lead decent lives.

And in an interview, Mabenga, a former minister in the MMD regime, said the patience of civil servants had gone cold with the current administration and that they were just waiting for August 11 to come so that they could react through the ballot.

“A well-meaning party in government must respect the services that are rendered to the country by civil servants. Civil servants are the engine of any government and as such, government must all the time attempt to satisfy the needs of the civil servants,” Mabenga said.

“We know there is a slump on the global economy, but once again, it is the responsibility and duty of government to ensure that whatever money is brought through taxes is used wisely to cushion the problems which the civil servants are facing. But as it is now, the plight of civil servants is not pleasing at all and no civil servant will spare President Lungu and his government in August.”

He said civil servants were aware of the people who were behind their miserable life.

“So it is incumbent upon this government to ensure that it does everything good to better the welfare of civil servants in the country. So, as we go towards August 11, civil servants are seeing how this government has treated them. These people also have families and their families depend on them for survival. If they complain, they know which people are behind their suffering and when voting, they will not spare those people and they will react that way,” said Mabenga.

“So, government has to see to it that they find ways and means of servicing civil servants because that is the engine of the development of this country.Unfortunately, it is already too late for government to save themselves.”