Chipata Gemstone Dealers To Be Hung

Chipata Gemstone Dealers To Be Hung.

Two Chipata gemstone dealers have been condemned to death by hanging for drowning and killing a Lundazi mine owner who they were working for.

Lusaka-based High Court judge Nigel Mutuna, sitting in Chipata last Friday, noted the brutality with which Joseph Banda and Ashanti Tonga drowned their employer, Armstrong Nyirongo, in a ditch.

Mr. Justice Mutuna said the duo deserve to hang by the neck until pronounced dead.

Banda and Tonga were charged with one account of murder in the death of Nyirongo.

Case details revealed that on January 13, 2015, Banda and Tonga killed Mr. Nyironga by drowning him in a deep ditch, which was filled with water. The duo also tied their boss’s left leg with a rope, which they fastened to a stone.

The two suspects were arrested at a guesthouse in Broadway where they had been selling gemstones and were detained at Chipata Central Police Station.

The court was informed that a post-mortem revealed that Mr. Nyirongo was alive when he was thrown into the ditch and that he died after drowning.

Daily Mail