Chinese Nationals Taking Advantage Of Peaceful Zambians

Chinese Nationals Taking Advantage Of Peaceful Zambians.

A group of Chinese Nationals disguised as foreign investors have been terrorizing Zambians.

Zambia Police this morning recovered over K 400, 000 cash and other assorted items in Lusaka.

It is alleged that three Chinese Nationals have been the masterminds behind the robberies.

Masks and other disguises were also found which the police believe the Chinese Nationals used to disguise themselves during the course of the robberies.

Many Zambians have displayed displeasure at the Immigration Department of Zambia because apparently they are not doing their job.

“Why are they letting these thieves come to our country? Just because they are non African doesn’t mean we should let them set foot in our peace loving country.

Chinese Nationals are slowly harboring in Zambia and all sorts of characters are being granted free passes in Zambia all in the name of foreign investors. These Chinese companies are known to bring in convicts to Africa as a way of acquiring cheap labor.

Many Chinese convicts are sent to Africa as a way to reduce their sentences by providing cheap labor to many Chinese construction companies, which are being awarded tenders here in Africa.

As a result, such incidences are bound to happen. Now these thieves are robbing us in our own country,” said Mubanga Nkole.