Charlotte complains of continued threats from Margaret Mwanakatwe’s supporters

Charlotte complains of continued threats from Margaret Mwanakatwe’s supporters

CHARLOTTE Scott says she has continued to receive threats from Margaret Mwanakatwe’s supporters.

Charlotte, whose election petition against PF’s Mwanakatwe was granted in the High Court last Thursday, said PF cadres had continued to act in a manner that posed threats on her life.

She said a coffin purporting to be hers had been shown off on several occasions.

“Those who made the coffin thought they are being very funny…as it even has a muzungu dolly inside. I have seen video footage of this thing being displayed in public in Bauleni,” Charlotte complained.

She said the coffin was properly made, and not just a name temporarily scribbled on a cardboard box.

“It is unfortunate that someone even spent money to have the coffin made and I know how this whole thing was organised. I have kept quiet about it because it was done after the elections and my petition was in court, but now I am considering what action can be taken. I am very upset about this, and see no reason why anyone would even think of doing this to a fellow human being,” Charlotte said.

“I also take it as a serious threat on my life. It is very offensive, and very un-Zambian. And I think we should be ashamed if we have reduced ourselves to this level.”

And Charlotte said she was happy that High Court judge Mwiinde Siavwapa agreed with her and the UPND that the Lusaka Central seat elections was marred by a lot of electoral irregularities.

“We experienced so many problems with the election. So, we complained of acts of violence, interference with our campaigns, inducement of voters, misuse of government resources, and the use of discriminatory language,” said Charlotte.

“This is not at all how elections should be conducted, and the judge has agreed with us. It’s not about winning or losing, it’s about having a fair election.”