Chanje bans Nyau during school calendar

Chanje bans Nyau during school calendar

By Abawelo Zulu

CHIEF Chanje of the Chewa people has banned Nyau masquerade performances the during school calendar.

Speaking when he addressed residents of Sisinje area at Chisitu Primary School, chief Chanje, who is also acting chief Chikuwe, said there were a lot of wrongs some people commit which they hide in the name of Nyau dancers.

“I am directing that Nyau dancers should not do their performances when schools are open and they should not perform in public institutions anyhow. There are some people who commit offences and hide in the name of Nyau dancers, so we want to stop that,” chief Chanje said.

He also said initiation ceremonies such as Chinamwali should not be conducted when schools were opened.

The traditional leader further cautioned parents against forcing their children into early marriages.

“We should be development oriented in whatever we do. We need development and we should not lag behind here. The parents are to blame for early marriages. Some parents send their children into early marriages, which is not good. I have instructed my indunas here to be on the lookout so that we curb early marriages,” said chief Chanje.

Acting Chipata district education board secretary Felistus Nkoloma informed the gathering that there were a lot of advantages of taking a girl child to school.

Nkoloma encouraged parents to educate their girl children.