Campaign With Nevers – MMD South Tells Mutati

Campaign With Nevers – MMD South Tells Mutati

We the Southern Province MMD wish to commend Lunte Member of Parliament Honourable Felix Mutati  for the very encouraging reconciliatory remarks he made in an article carried on the front page of the Daily Nation on Saturday 12th December 2015.

To shame the critics of the MMD who have been singing the song that “MMD is dead”, we now appeal to  Mr. Mutati and all MMD MPs who have been inactive to openly and energetically join our President Dr Nevers Sekwila Mumba in the ongoing party mobilization tours that have been a resounding success.

This will bring a lot of encouragement and will be a great morale booster to all MMD members. Our hope and prayer is that Mr. Mutati will help lead the way in this new move in the party as we are tired of useless internal squabbles that have rocked the party for a long time.

We in Southern Province wish to say it is time for genuine peace and genuine reconciliation in MMD. This will be the greatest Christmas present to MMD members and supporters after all the problems we have been through as a party. It is time to forget the past, forge ahead and hit the campaign trail.

Everyone knows that the real power of the MMD is in the grassroots and that is why we have been the target of power-hungry politicians from all parties to try and destroy the MMD by dirty undemocratic means. We have decided to remain unshakable and steadfast in protecting our party. We shall not be moved by brown envelopes.

We call on all MMD members to join hands in a spirit of genuine love and bury the past. The people of Zambia are looking for direction. Let let us prove to them that MMD is the only answer for Zambia’s many challenges.

Zambia shall be saved by the MMD.

Fennix Liandisha