Businesses In Zambia Anybody Can Do With Little Or No Capital

Businesses In Zambia Anybody Can Do With Little Or No Capital.

Starting a business in Zambia is not as hard as people think it is. I have seen Zambians with no formal education rise up to be financial muscle strongholds.

If you want to be really rich in Zambia, do not even think of working for GRZ (unless you have awesome qualifications and an outstanding experience).

You might wonder why major companies are moving to Africa to do business. Recently Facebook opened an office in South Africa. Things in Africa are looking good and Zambia has an advantage too. Stop complaining and start acting.

One secret of being financially stable in Zambia is doing business that give you instant cash. Do not do Kaloba, Inkongole or anything that involves credit. Here are some tips and ways of making money in Zambia that anybody can implement, which require little or no start up capital.

Computer Services

Most Zambians now own a computer. So why not make use of it? You can use your computer to design labels and advertising pamphlets, type students’ projects, CVs, etc. With the correct programs you can design letterheads and business cards. You can also start offering computer lessons to people who are illiterate at a fee. If you upgrade and get a printer you can start printing and photocopying services too. You can also be a music supplier although you might have to be careful with the anti pirating companies in Zambia.


Buying a DSLR camera is cheap nowadays (you can find a good one on EBay/Amazon). Learn how to use it in less than a month and be a pro. If you are talented with photography or videography you can hire yourself out to take wedding pictures, birthday parties, office functions etc. Once your business starts to grow you can build a studio at home and move into things like family portraits. Photograph people at local clubs, restaurants, pubs, etc and charge. Zambian Photography companies like Inzy and Fortress are excelling in this business.

Party Entertainer

Insoni Tashilisha. You have too be creative and entertain people in exchange for some bucks. All you need is charisma. Use Facebook to market yourself. Charly The-engineer Simusokwe is using this as a way to make money and he is a University of Zambia graduate, why can’t you? Once you get popular, believe me wealthy Zambians will be calling you and you will be making money in no time.

Language Translator/ Teacher

If you check the web, a lot of foreigners need people to translate various documents from English to Zambian languages. If you speak Bemba why not translate a 20-page document, when each page costs $5? You can easily make a $100 in one day. Make a Facebook page and offer local language lessons to foreigners.

Freelance Writer

With the rise of online publications in Zambia, the need for freelance writers is on demand. Work for companies writing articles, columns, press releases etc. At Zed Corner we are in constant need of fresh material, you can join our team.

Direct Selling

It is easy and there are so many products to sell directly such as cosmetics (Avon, Sh’zen, Avroy Shlain, Annique), kids products, jewelry etc. The start up is a fairly small investment, usually the acquisition of a start up kit from a local agency. Sell lingerie to women. Zambian women want to look sexy and attractive. Sell sexy clothes for women. You will have a lot of market.

Make and Sell Food Products

Find your favorite recipe and sell it, such as cakes, ifitumbuwa, samosa, muffins, pickled vegetables etc. Start small with low capital, charge to replace ingredients, and make profit to build up reserves.

Sewing Entrepreneur

With your sewing machine and your creative talent, start with sewing alterations. Design and make clothes for people from normal wear to specialized eveningwear to fancy-dress costumes. Of course you have to be authentic in your designs. With affordable, efficient, professional work and creativity, your business will grow quickly. Everyone needs alterations.

Website Publisher

If you already have a computer, information retrieval and the management of Internet information is a possibility. Become a website publisher and earn money. (If you need lessons on this, inbox us because we earn money in this way).

Don’t get caught with the idea that you will earn money quickly. Business success is created by hard work and dedication. You will reap the rewards later, and they will be worth the work and dedication. Remember this is your business, nurture it. Patience and persistence are two key elements required.