Black Magic -Coffin Directs Pallbearers To Suspected Murderer

Black Magic -Coffin Directs Pallbearers To Suspected Murderer

A daunting cloud of grief and anguish filled with shock roamed Solwezi City in Zambia when commotion sprang up at a local market after a case of wizardry was unearthed.

A deceased man was about to be buried this morning but before he was put to rest, an investigation carried out by the deceased’s family at their own peril led them to consult a locally acclaimed traditional healer in a quest to determine who bewitched their beloved one.

It is a norm in Solwezi to witness such events.

If someone dies and it is suspected that the death was a not a natural one [especially that which is related to voodoo or black magic], family members may consult traditional practitioners who then put two stones in the deceased’s coffin.Before burial, the coffin is then carried by strong elite men [pall bearers] who are led by the spirit’s force to find the alleged person who used juju/voodoo to kill a person.

The practice is called Chikondo (Pointing finger) because the coffin points out the person who allegedly is responsible for someone’s death.

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