ZESCO Failed Power Supply From An Engineering Perspective

ZESCO Failed Power Supply From An Engineering Perspective. Lets face the facts. ZESCO Ltd making the nation dark, well that is not a surprise. The water levels being low, well we don't know how true that is but from an engineering perspective, their generators are worn out and cannot withstand the

Is Iris Kaingu Marriage Material?

The other day, my boys and I were talking about how Zambian girls are slowly transitioning from traditionally upright church going girls to Miss independent Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton type of girls. Trust me, there is nothing wrong with being an independent lady making ends meet alone but just the

Top 10 Sexy Zambian Female Artists

Top Sexy Zambian female artists

Due to popular demand, we decided to finally drop the most requested list. So without further do, here is our Top 10 sexy Zambian Female artists. We based our judgement not only on looks alone but on relevancy as well. If you agree or disagree with our list, please let