“Andrew Yamu Nyokola Njala Nafuti” – MMD’s Lengwe Bwalya

“Andrew Yamu Nyokola Njala Nafuti” – MMD’s Lengwe Bwalya

Movement for Multiparty Democracy ( MMD) National Youth Treasurer Lengwe Cornelius Bwalya has called on Andrew Banda, son to former President Rupiah Banda, to cease issuing disparaging statements about Dr. Nevers Sekwila Mumba, the MMD President. Mr Bwalya wondered on what ground or basis‎ Andrew was speaking as quoted in the Post Newspapers of 1st February, 2016 when he is not even an MMD member but is with the United Party for National Development (UPND).

“Andrew nijala ndiye yamu nyokola chabe nafuti [Andrew is just hungry again]. He should stop talking about us because he is not even our member. He is busy claiming that MMD under our president Nevers Mumba is not a factor. If that were true, why did President Edgar Lungu bother to request the MMD for an alliance?” asked Mr Bwalya.

“Andrew Banda was helped by Dr Mumba in Katete once during a by-election, when he was beaten almost to death and today he can even raise his mouth against Dr Mumba? Why are some people so ungrateful?” wondered Mr Bwalya.

“Dr Mumba has a proven track record of leadership that President Lungu recognizes. In fact I have information that the UPND has also been privately courting Dr Mumba. It seems the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing,” said Mr Bwalya.

Mr Bwalya challenged Mr Banda that if Dr Mumba was not a factor, why then did it concern him and his UPND clique? He explained that it is clear that other parties are panicking because they know that the proposed MMD-PF alliance poses a serious threat to their chances of winning.

Mr Bwalya noted that using the election results from 2015 to make any assessment of the relative strengths of the different parties for 2016 was very erroneous because the factors at that time were very different to what they are now. He echoed the words of Dr Mumba who said in an interview recently that the miracle of the 2015 elections was not that PF won or that MMD lost and was beaten by the Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD), but that UPND lost.

Mr Bwalya said that UPND started campaigning ahead of both MMD and PF who were both embroiled in internal strife. The UPND got the endorsement of many opposition MPs who campaigned for them. Mr Bwalya likened the failure of the UPND to win the 2015 election to a football striker who is given a penalty and the goal keeper is removed from the goal but he kicks the ball over the bar.