African Diversity In Sexuality Study Proves Homosexuality is Natural

African Diversity In Sexuality Study Proves Homosexuality is Natural.

The most homophobic place one can ever visit is Africa. Recent studies have shown that most Africans have a tendency to discriminate people who might have a different sexual orientation. In Africa it is considered an ‘abomination’ to be different from the rest.

President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe once posed a question, “If a dog can differentiate a male from a female, why can’t humans do the same?”

Well it seems there might be an answer for President Mugabe. A group of Ugandan scientists have endorsed a study showing being gay is natural.

The study, Diversity in Sexuality: Implications for Policy in Africa, was put together by the Academy of Science of South Africa, and endorsed by Ugandan National Academy of Sciences.

Diversity in Sexuality is the first pro-gay study conducted by black African scientists, which may help fight the idea that gay people are a result of western, white influence.

“There is now a wide global consensus among scientists that homosexuality is a normal and natural variation of human sexuality without inherently detrimental health consequences.” states the Diversity in Sexuality study.

Homosexuality in many African countries such as Zambia is considered to be illegal, it is considered to be a sin by many. Zambia has a high overall percentage of Christians and it was declared a Christian nation in 1991, however, there is a growing number of openly gay individuals.

Accepting the fact that some individuals are slightly different from others is something new to most Africans and coming to terms with it might take some time.