4 Lessons Zambians Need To Learn From Michael Sata In Order To Be Successful

4 Lessons Zambians Need To Learn From Michael Sata In Order To Be Successful.

I remember everything like it was yesterday. The great Michael Sata was having an interview on Radio Ichengelo in 2008 and the entire Copperbelt was on a stand still as everyone was glued to the radio. From ba Kaponya to Business executives, everyone was tuned-in to radio Ichengelo as Sata elaborated on so many issues.

I was in my last year of senior high school then and little did I know that Sata, a man who is not in anyway related to me, would have so many lessons to teach me. Having spent some time scrabbling through the sands of time, I made it my personal objective to study some of the most prominent Zambians who have had an impact on today’s society. Michael Sata is one of them.

Here are a few qualities Michael Sata had that every Zambia should strive to have in order to make a difference and be successful.

  1. Speaking Skills:

Sata was a man of many languages. He had the ability to use words in order to tell his dreams. People fell in love with his speeches.

The ability to speak with a wide variety of people is an absolute essential. Good eye contact, a varied vocabulary and the ability to tailor your language to suit your audience are all essential characteristics of an artful speaker. Being a good speaker will give you presence and make you memorable to those who listen. Being more adept in social situations and being better equipped to network successfully will help you forge working relationships that could be very advantageous to you in the future.

  1. Confidence In Decision Making:

Michael Sata was a confident man. A man who would sell you his dreams and make you think they were your own.

Nothing says mediocrity like indecision. A good leader is decisive and will always back himself up when making the correct decision. If you want to be considered leadership material, you have to possess these characteristics. The key is to make sure that your decisions are thought out and reasoned. Be confident in your judgement and believe in yourself to get things right. Don’t just play it safe every time- you will blend into the wallpaper and no one will notice you.

  1. Accountability:

Another major part of Michael Sata’s success was the fact that he accepted responsibility, both for failure and success.

If you want other people to respect you, acknowledge your errors rather than trying to blame someone else for your shortcomings. Everyone makes mistakes, but the real test is how you react to that. Putting yourself in the firing line is the mark of a man who wants to achieve great things and is prepared to be scrutinized. It is a sign of confidence and self-belief, and is a key ingredient among men who want to be successful.

  1. A Positive Attitude:

Michael Sata always knew he would one-day rule Zambia no matter how many times he failed to win the general elections. It is all about attitude.

Being positive about your goals, work and life is very essential to your success. No matter how many times you fail, try again like its the first time you are doing it. Have the same hunger, the same drive, and the same power. Do not be discouraged by your failure. Failures are merely lessons on how not to go about doing something. If you can cultivate a positive outlook, you will encourage others to be more positive. You’ll also be more productive and possibly more credible as someone with executive potential. A positive attitude is entirely self-determined and can be helped by accentuating the positives in any situations. Don’t see problems, see solutions.