The Dawn Of Life In Broken Hill (Kabwe)

The Dawn Of Life In Broken Hill (Kabwe). Kabwe WITHOUT a stable job, life had been a daily struggle for John Sakala ( not real name) of Kabwe. The 46- year- old father of six depended on odd jobs to escape the economic and social hardships he was experiencing. Even with the jobs

Let us Build Zambia

Let us Build Zambia ZAMBIA, like many other developing countries, is faced with so many challenges which need urgent attention. Among the challenges the country is grappling with are high poverty levels which, according to World Bank report, stand at 65 percent. The Zambian government is currently grappling with how to mitigate hydroelectricity

Lungu Intends To Create Ministry Of Religion

Lungu Intends To Create Ministry Of Religion. PRESIDENT- ELECT Edgar Lungu has said he will create a ministry to be responsible for religious affairs to promote Christian values and give more meaning to the declaration of Zambia as a Christian nation. Mr Lungu has also said politicians are to blame for the

The Zambia Post Election Saga

The Zambia Post Election Saga. IT IS sad that we still hear reports of political violence in some places long after the last ballot has been cast. Of course, no- one bargained for extra time of violence in the game of politics. Even if the last ballot cast was spoilt, the hood does

Kitwe Woman Ordered To Pay K800 For Defamation

Kitwe Woman Ordered To Pay K800 For Defamation. THE Buchi Local Court has ordered a 40– year- old business woman of Kitwe to pay K800 to a man of the same area for calling him a thief. The court made the order in a case of defamation in which Benson Chola, 22,

Marriage Tumbles Down After Hubby Marries ‘Niece’

Marriage Tumbles Down After Hubby Marries ‘Niece’ A WOMAN of Kawama township has told the Chifubu local court how her husband ended up marrying a woman he once introduced to her as his niece. Maureen Sompwe told Local Court presiding magistrate Celestine Muchimba, sitting with senior Local court magistrate Kaala Nyambe and

Kitwe Woman Justifies Cheating On Hubby

Kitwe Woman Justifies Cheating On Hubby A THIRTY-EIGHT year old woman of Kamatipa Township in Kitwe stunned the Garneton Local Court when she justified her decision to be impregnated by her boyfriend to hit back at her husband of 18 years for marrying another woman in Mumbwa where he had gone

Zambia, DRC And Zambia Team Up Over Railways

Zambia, DRC And Zambia Team Up Over Railways. THE Democratic Republic of Congo ( DRC), Tanzania and Zambia have concluded talks on harmonising railway systems among the three neighbouring countries. Societe Nationale Des Chemins De Fer Du Congo Sarl ( SNCC), Tanzania- Zambia Railway Authority ( TAZARA) and Zambia Railways Limited (

Zambia – Before, During And After Elections

Zambia - Before, During And After Elections. THE political dust has now settled and so has the drama surrounding election results. It goes without saying that life in the hood is coming back to normal, although what might determine normality in these parts may not exactly be normal in affluent areas. Take for

The Zambian Referendum Explained

The Zambian Referendum Explained. THE news that the Referendum to usher the Bill of Rights in the amended Constitution and Article 79 has failed to meet the threshold, is very sad. Though the amended Constitution is now operational, it can only be complete once citizens enjoy their rights as enshrined under the